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The primary purpose of the Greater Oklahoma City Chapter, Coalition of Labor Union Women, hereinafter referred to as CLUW, is to unify all women in a viable organization to determine first, our common problems and concerns, and second, to develop action programs within the framework of our unions to deal effectively with our objectives. Through unity of purpose, the Greater Oklahoma City Chapter will seek to accomplish these goals in accordance with the Constitution of the National Coalition of Labor Union Women.

CLUW Quilt

The Greater Oklahoma City Chapter is now starting to collect shirts for our 2021 T-Shirt Quilt.

We are also accepting donated Local Union Masks to go into the 2021 Quilt.

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Central Oklahoma Labor Federation

3400 South Wester Ave

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Lois Williams - President

Judy Calhoun - 1st Vice President

LaSheena Wilson - 2nd Vice President

Debra Donwerth - Treasurer

Linda Smith - Corresponding Secretary

Bob Bearden - Recording Secretary

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February 2, 2021 - CLUW Meeting Via Zoom - 6:30pm

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CLUW Mission Statement

The Coalition of Labor Union Women is America's only national organization for union women. Formed in 1974, CLUW is a nonpartisan organization within the union movement.

The primary purpose of (CLUW) is to unify all union women in a strong organization to determine and seek remedies to our common problems and concerns and to develop action programs within the framework of the labor movement to effectively promote our objectives.

At its founding convention in Chicago, Illinois, CLUW adopted four core objectives: to empower women for greater participation at all levels in the labor movement; to organizing the unorganized; to promote affirmative action, social and economic justice in the workplace; and to increase the participation of women in the political and legislative processes.

These goals continue to be the cornerstone of CLUW's activities as members speak out for equal pay, child and elder care benefits, job security, safe workplaces, affordable health care, contraceptive equity, and protection from sexual harassment and violence at work.

With members from more than 70 international and national unions across the U.S., CLUW has a strong network of 36 chapters throughout the nation. CLUW is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and its international and national unions. CLUW local chapters educate members, keep them up-to-date on a variety of issues of concern to working families, and provide a support network for women in unions.

In Loving Memory

Judy Calhoun (1954-2020)

   Judy started work at the General Motors plant in Oklahoma City in 1979. After UAW Local 1999 was established in late summer that year, Judy soon joined the Women’s Committee and never looked back!

   She served in the elected positions of Trustee, Recording Secretary, and Financial Secretary. She chaired the CAP Committee for several years. When the plant closing was announced in November 2005, Judy spearheaded the effort to keep the plant open by bringing in another product.

   After production ceased at the plant in February 2006, Judy was appointed by the international union to serve as benefit Representative for UAW Region 5 retirees and served in that position until the UAW Regional office closed.

   She was currently serving as Financial Secretary of the UAW Local 1999 Retiree Chapter and was recently elected as Vice President of the Southwestern UAW CAP Council. Judy was Vice President of the Greater Oklahoma City champion for workers’ rights and women’s rights.

Ode to Judy - A Queen of Hearts

It won't be the same without her,

She had a goofy mischievous smile,

Kind of lopsided one way but sweet,

She had eyes that did softly beguile.


You knew where you stood first time,

She never ceased to be outspoken,

She never gave an inch of ground,

Her Unionism was not a simple token.


She was sexy without being showy,

She was kind and reflective to a fault,

Whatever the cause you gave her,

It was like putting gold in the vault.


Plain spoken and always questioning,

Never afraid to speak up or speak out,

She could be funny and quick witted,

She stood for right was never in doubt.


I think I'll best remember her laughter,

And how she could show you she cared,

And how she would not suffer fools at all,

With her they were lucky if they never dared.


Judy was a hand full of conscience and fact,

Mincing words weren't in her vernacular,

But she had sweetness in her heart and soul,

A lady ever gorgeous and wildly spectacular.

-Bob Bearden

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