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Disaster Relief

How Unions are Helping

Often, when disaster strikes, the desire to help those affected is felt by many.  But how do we help and make sure our help goes to where it is needed most?  Several locals in Oklahoma are stepping up to help those affected and here is how you can help too.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 124

Has already taken a load of supplies (food and water) down to Texas to their sister local to help with cleanup and is planning on making another trip. 

United Association Local 344

The Membership voted to donate $30,000.00 to the members of Local 68 and Local 211 that were effected by this natural disaster that devastated the gulf coast of Texas. They were reminded of the overwhelming support that came from these two locals when the last tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. It is for this very reason that The Membership didn’t think twice about supporting the members of Local 68 and Local 211.


The Membership of 344 would like to invite you to donate in any way you feel you are in a position to donate. If you find that you are able to donate financially or with any of the items on the attached list please contact myself, Gary Cartwright or my Business Agents, James Clouse or Larry Brouk here at the hall, (405)628-4573.


Please help by visiting Sisters and brothers in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, elsewhere in the Caribbean and along the South have been devastated by Hurricane Irma and its aftermath – some have lost everything. This comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey that left members in Texas in crisis with months of rebuilding ahead. WATCH and SHARE this video that shows that not even hurricanes can stop us. And if you haven’t yet, please donate:

Many Locals and Internationals are utilizing their relief funds for these disaster relief efforts and invite their members to participate to help their brothers and sisters in the affected areas. 

OPEIU - Click here for more information about giving to OPEIU's Disaster Relief Fund

CWA - Click here to donate to CWA's Disaster Relief Fund

PASS - Click here to donate to the Federal Employees Disaster Relief Fund 

IAM - Click here to donate to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund

Please consider a donation to the Texas Workers Relief Fund, overseen by the Texas AFL-CIO. The fund provides direct help to working families in need. While we cannot make anyone whole, the Texas Workers Relief Fund sends a message of solidarity and the knowledge that working people affected by this disaster are supported by Brothers and Sisters across the nation. Go to the link:  


If your local is doing anything to assist in disaster relief, please send the information to Debra Wojtek at

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