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Oklahoma Legislation 



The AFL-CIO provides information to working people about issues that affect their daily lives, and encourages them to make their voice heard for a government that works for working families. We make sure members have the latest union facts and news on workers' rights.

Our priorities include creating good family-supporting jobs by investing tax dollars in schools, roads, bridges, and airports; improving the lives of workers through education, job training and a livable minimum wage; keeping good jobs at home by reforming trade rules, re-industrializing the U.S. economy and redoubling efforts at worker protections in the global economy; strengthening Social Security and Private Pensions; ensuring fair tax policies; making high-quality, affordable health care available to everyone; and holding corporations more accountable for their actions.

Watch List

These bills are currently being watched very closely by the Oklahoma AFL-CIO and labor partners. Some bills may currently have actions being taken on them.

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take action! 

When we take actions on any bills, we will post those here. 

It will include letter and email campaigns, rallies, filling meetings with labor movement representatives and more. 

We will make these actions easy to share on social media and emails. 

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