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Who We Are and What We Do 

The Oklahoma AFL-CIO, created in 1957 by the merger of the AFL and the CIO, is a democratic, voluntary federation of 230 local labor unions that represent over 100 thousand working people.   We are teachers, firefighters, bakers, engineers, pilots, public employees, doctors and nurses, painters, plumbers—and more.

The Oklahoma AFL-CIO works every day to improve the lives of people who work.  We help people who want to join together in unions so they can bargain collectively with their employers for better working conditions and the best way to get a good job done. We work to ensure that all people who work are treated fairly, with decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, respect and equal opportunities. To help working people acquire valuable skills and job-readiness for 21st century work, we operate the largest training network outside the U.S. military. And we provide an independent voice in politics and legislation for working women and men and make their voices heard in corporate boardrooms and the financial system.

The AFL-CIO exists to represent people who work. The mission of the AFL-CIO is expressed in our Constitution:

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is an expression of the hopes and aspirations of the working people of America.

         We pledge ourselves to the more effective organization of working men and women; to the securing to them of full recognition and enjoyment of the rights to which they are justly entitled, to the achievement of ever higher standards of living and working conditions, to the attainment of security for all the people; and to the strengthening and extension of our way of life and the fundamental freedoms which are the basis of our democratic society.

         At the collective bargaining table, in the community, in the exercise of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, we shall responsibly serve the interest of all American People.

         We shall combat resolutely the forces, which seed to undermine the democratic institutions of our nation and to enslave the human soul.  We shall strive always to win full respect for the dignity of the human individual whom our unions serve.

Our Mission and Vision 
Issues We Work On 

The AFL-CIO provides information to working people about issues that affect their daily lives, and encourages them to make their voice heard for a government that works for working families. We make sure members have the latest union facts and news on workers' rights.

Our priorities include creating good family-supporting jobs by investing tax dollars in schools, roads, bridges, and airports; improving the lives of workers through education, job training and a livable minimum wage; keeping good jobs at home by reforming trade rules, re-industrializing the U.S. economy and redoubling efforts at worker protections in the global economy; strengthening Social Security and Private Pensions; ensuring fair tax policies; making high-quality, affordable health care available to everyone; and holding corporations more accountable for their actions.

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We respect your privacy and will never sell or release your information to other entities. 

Meet the


The Oklahoma AFL-CIO is made up of three full time staff.  President/Financial Secretary Treasurer, Communications Director, and Executive Assistant. 

Meet the
Executive board

The Executive Board is made up of 32 seats including the the President, Vice-President, three trustees, Organizational Representatives and  CLC Presidents.   


Meet the 


There are three Trustees for the Oklahoma AFL-CIO.  They meet monthly to go over finances and activities of the OK AFL-CIO.  


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